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Business owner, LIFE member, Christian, wife, mother. My prayer is that you pursue your purpose with passion, feel peace in knowing you were created uniquely, and discover the joy of serving others.

The Size of the Fight

You have probably heard of the saying ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that matters’. What does it mean and is it important? What many think it … Continue reading

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Rights and Responsibilities

Which do we hear more about: rights or responsibilities? Which do we talk and think more about: our rights or our responsibilities? The answer varies depending on who I am associating with and by associating I mean listening to, live … Continue reading

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Is There a Possibility That…?

Is there a possibility that we can do more than we think? Accomplish more than we have before? I recently read on possibility thinking in a book titled ‘Community: The Structure of Belonging’ which I received through a LIFE subscription. … Continue reading

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The Serving Leader

I just finished reading the book “The Serving Leader” for the second time in a couple months.  It is told in a story format and brings out many paradoxes on leadership.  Being involved in a leadership community it has been … Continue reading

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Better relationships through improved communication

We are already two weeks into the new year and already I am thinking it is going fast.  Did anyone set a New Year resolution?  If so, was it important enough to still be pursuing?  I know one area of … Continue reading

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Living on Purpose is the Path to Peace

Recently I  had the privilege of meeting with a small group of people, watch a short video on purpose and then discuss purpose directed questions.  IT WAS AMAZING!   All knew the importance of purpose however there seemed to be … Continue reading

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Orrin is right on with “Give our best”.

I read a blog article from Orrin Woodward on how we frequently tell our children to “do their best” however as parents we lower the bar on ourselves.  I believe this happens when we fail to be passionate or purposeful in our … Continue reading

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