The Size of the Fight

You have probably heard of the saying ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that matters’. What does it mean and is it important? What many think it means is that in a fight, the one with the most determination, drive, the hungriest will win over the one that has physical size if he is not as committed to winning. We see this in athletics where the underdogs, or Cinderella team, defeats the favored team. We know individuals who have overcome great adversity, sickness, loss of a loved one or financial ruin and bounce back accomplishing more that those who have not experienced these tragedies. What makes someone have that “fight” to beat the odds, succeed in life, decide to fight to make our country great again? I have learned from George Guzzardo that it is recognizing that there is a problem, evaluating the importance in your life and deciding it is worth your time and effort to fight for. Here is an exert from a recent article by George explaining what it takes to be a worthy opponent in your fights: ‘Hunger is the key because it provides the motivation to do what it takes to get you what you want? Best selling authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady write in ‘Launching a Leadership Revolution’, about the three levels of motivation that drive hunger. Energy is derived from material achievement, recognition, respect, purpose, and legacy.’. Most fights are intellectual, ideological not physical so it is imporant to know what you stand for as you choose your fights.

The size of the fight is important in achieving success in our lives as it keeps us focused on what our priorities are. Individually, we have to evaluate which things in our life are worth fighting for, pouring our time and energy into. Our founding fathers did this. They physically were no different than tens of thousands of other men, however when measured by will, courage and action they understood more and acheived more than than those tens of thousands combined. How does it relate to today? How did our citizens become so disengaged in the important matters of our Country? I like what George Guzzardo posted ‘The freedoms of our country are at risk in a nation that has no regard for its foundation. R.C. Sproul said, “We live in the most unintellectual time in history.” Today, the forces that oppose freedom will be fought with ideas. The development of leadership qualities like courage is needed today. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “The things that will destroy us are prosperity – at – any – price, peace –at – any – price, safety first instead of duty first, the love of soft living, and the get –rich – quick theory of life.’ Isn’t that true? Soft living could be seen as being comfortable with our own life so we choose to ignore, remain ignorant, of the demise happening around us. We know longer see the importance of the bills being passed, the financial irresponsibility of those leading our country because we do not believe it will affect us directly or if it does it won’t be signifcant. We can see soft living or complacency in ourselves, our neighbors, U.S. citizens who have been “showing up” each day, to work or at home, and focus more on being entertained than being active or engaged. Many have seem to lost their fight, or just don’t know that it is time to fight to regain what we have lost.

In addition to looking at the size of the fight in us, it is important to be in the right fight.Being a strong fighter for the sake of fighting is not the best use of time or energy. Fighting for a policy that helps a few and hurts many is more destructive than productive and not what our founding fathers would do. Participating in several committees that take you away from home when your family is falling apart maybe the wrong fight. We get more energy when we are engaged in activites tied to our LIFE purpose. Passion ignites when we believe the fight is worthy of our time. The size of the fight in us is important in determining if we will persevere in the causes we choose. Choose to fight with courage, remembering those who have fought before us for us. God Bless


About Renee Oettinger

Business owner, LIFE member, Christian, wife, mother. My prayer is that you pursue your purpose with passion, feel peace in knowing you were created uniquely, and discover the joy of serving others.
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10 Responses to The Size of the Fight

  1. Lisa Mangold says:

    Outstanding article – Renee! While it would be a good idea for more people to spend some quality time in the gym improving their physical fitness, it would also be very valuable for more people to exercise their mental muscles by reading, learning and associating with those who discuss great ideas. I look forward to helping more people learn how to read so we can move away from being in one of the most “unintellectual times of history”. I also look forward to inspiring more people to recognize problems, to solve them, to seek purpose and to fight great causes!


  2. Michelle Wanta says:

    Thank you Renee for this article, it is so true. More now than ever I see the ignorance, complacency, and lack of courage in our country and it is scary. I look forward to implementing this article into my life by evaluating the “fights” I am in and determining if they are the right fights and then finding the fights that are worthy of my time and LIFE purpose!! I have no doubt that with leaders like you we will turn this country around. Thank you for all that you do for TEAM Liberty!!

  3. Tyler Kos says:

    Great article Renee, it reminds me of the movie “RUDY” where this kid who had to overcome so many obstacles to achieve his dream of playing football for NOTRE DAME and the fights he had to deal with daily. At the end his “TEAM” rallied around him and ultimately felt like they won his fight. I believe with leaders like you and the people I have met so far in LIFE that we can and will make this country great again!!keep up the good work and GOD BLESS!

  4. Tom and Liz Moris says:

    An excellent article on purpose, courage, time management and long-term thinking. Thank you Renee for sharing your wisdom. Yes, with purpose also has to come hunger. As Chris Brady often says most men fail due to broken focus. I this day and age of so many demands and distractions for and against our time it is more important than ever to guard our time and invest in only those things that help move us, our families and communities (and ultimately our states and country) forward. Complacency is rampant in our society and I boggles my mind to see and hear of people who say they are bored, don’t have any hobbies or are so apathetic they have lost hope and faith. A very scary place to be as an individual, but a very disturbing place for a state or country to be in. We do, with the LIFE training system have the information (ideas) that can and will liberate our beloved country from the slide into apathy, entitlement, corruption, lack of trust, no faith, and ignorance. We owe it to our families, our communities and our country to step up, do more and make a difference. Happy Easter and may we remember why we celebrate it. Tom Moris

  5. Dream, Strrrruuuugggglllleeee, victory! The fight always comes during the struggle and those who overcome will be victorious. We have many great examples of fighters not only in history but today, many of which are associated with the LIFE/TEAM. I know you are a fighter Renee and I am blessed to learn from your example. This was an awesome article, thank you so much for your leadership!

  6. Don Fallis says:

    Thanks Renee: It is always a treat to hear from the leaders who put up the biggest fight. I know that when Orrin, Chris, Tim, Bill, George, Claude, Dan and Wayne draw a line in the sand and say that it is the time to fight: IT IS TIME TO FIGHT. We can only imagine what is going to happen as the book LEADERSHIFT hits the market for the world to see. Renee, you have been that example of a leader that we all strive to be. Thanks for all you do.

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