Is There a Possibility That…?

Is there a possibility that we can do more than we think? Accomplish more than we have before? I recently read on possibility thinking in a book titled ‘Community: The Structure of Belonging’ which I received through a LIFE subscription. It is certainly a switch for how myself and companies I have worked for have looked at things in the past. A switch from a problem solving lense to a possiblity lense. Can you imagine how alive we would feel if whenever we saw someone or something we saw the possibilites versus issues or problems? I feel more energetic just writing about it. Why is that? With possiblity thinking there is hope, an open road to pursue or create. When problem focused, it brings limited thinking confining our view to what is already there, what has been tried, and what hasn’t worked. A person must want things in their life to be different to embark on the journey of possibility thinking. Our country became great because of possiblity thinking.

We can use the question “Is there a possibility that” and examine all areas of our life and improve on them if desired. Just like we have learned other skills in our lives, we can learn to change our vision, how we interpret what we see and even what we have not yet physically seen. Just think of when you were a child and how you pictured, or envisioned, things would look in your future: Where you would travel? Where you would live? How you would be recognized? If you thought you might be a singer or in a band you probably saw the stage and the lights, heard and felt the music, and bowed and threw kisses to the fans. You saw possibility not the problems you would have come your way to get there. So when did things change from looking at life with possibilities to accepting it as it is or being problem focused?

On any journey in life there will be countless possibilities and where we end up will be determined by how we see and respond to each along the way.If I focus on what I am going through it is difficult to see where I am going to. I can only see what I choose to focus on at that time. To get to a desired destination I must choose to lead myself along the right path to get there. I will need to learn new skills, consider new ideas (as the old have not gotten me to where I want to go) and be willing to take action. George Guzzardo in a recent article said ‘Vision, purpose, responsibility and accountability are just a few skills that come to mind that a leader can learn. Energy comes from purpose and this is a result of growing these skills.’ and George is certainly full of energy because he knows his purpose. This is why possibility thinking is so inspiring. We are challenged to pursue something new, something purposeful. We are challenged to look through a new lense and see incredible options instead of walls. Don’t we always encourage our children to ‘find another way’ instead of quitting. We can live that same more enjoyable way.

Where do we go from here in pursuing possibilites? First, look at areas in our lives we want to improve such as family relationships, finances, our freedoms. Then check to see who may be interested players in making this happen. In order for the work to be done, for others to become engaged, they must feel there is enough value or merit for their time and energy. The conversation must be on possibility thinking which will bring an aliveness to the project. The LIFE business has many resources to help in achieving the necessary skills and belief. The answer to the question in the title is yes, there is a possibility that …you finish your way.

God Bless, Renee


About Renee Oettinger

Business owner, LIFE member, Christian, wife, mother. My prayer is that you pursue your purpose with passion, feel peace in knowing you were created uniquely, and discover the joy of serving others.
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10 Responses to Is There a Possibility That…?

  1. Great post Renee! Your teaching is so insightful. Thank you for your leadership example.

  2. George says:

    Renee, Outstanding article. You said it all. Possibility is everything!

  3. wendi witkowski says:

    Awesome post Renee! You speak so eloquently and with heart!

  4. Sarah Butcher says:

    That was so well put, thank you for sharing! God bless:)

  5. Michelle Wanta says:

    Renee, thank you for the great post!! You are so right we need to get back to possibility thinking!! Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities!!

  6. Tom and Liz Moris says:

    Great thoughts and insight Renee! It stood out to me that you said possibility thinking is a skill and just like any other skill, it is learned. It’s a matter of having the self-discipline of thinking about the possibilities in life. Can you imagine if everyone took the time to learn the skill of possibility thinking? It would be a different world!

  7. Lisa Mangold says:

    This thought really stood out – “With possiblity thinking there is hope”. It is better to live life with hope than without it. Thanks Renee for sharing practical application here. We can all learn to ask ourselves this question, β€œIs there a possibility that . . . ?” for each area of our life!


    • Andrea Renkas says:

      I agree Lisa! Love this article Renee, and the perspective you bring to light in it. We hear this from successful people like you and others, read it in books, and hear it on CD’s and yet, thinking from the perspective of possibilites is quite a challenge, and not natural (at least for me). Thinking of the challenges and issues that will happen along the way has brought me to a slow down/stop in many instances, unfortunently. Reminders like this blog, and in the LIFE products does help… someday it will get through this thick skull and when I come up to problems….. “possibility” will be my first thought, NOT “problem”. πŸ™‚

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