The Serving Leader

I just finished reading the book “The Serving Leader” for the second time in a couple months.  It is told in a story format and brings out many paradoxes on leadership.  Being involved in a leadership community it has been fascinating to watch people develop, really flourish, into effective, humble leaders.  I have been mentored by one such person, George Guzzardo, and enjoy reading and learning from his blog. George has incredible influence with tens of thousands of people because of his LIFE results, he walks the walk.  He is people oriented and elevates those around him on a daily basis. Here is a part from his blog addressing  success and happiness in a person’s life:

In the best selling book ‘How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People’,Les Giblin says profoundly, “Every normal human being wants success and happiness.” Testimony after testimony from those involved in the LIFE business describe what they have learned. One comment that constantly surfaces is getting along with other people. The art of human relations comes to the top of the list when it goes to measuring success and happiness. Giblin sites a study by the Carnegie Institute of Technology where they analyzed the records of 10,000 people. They arrived at the conclusion that 85% of success is due to the ability to deal with other people successfully. Last but not least, Giblin writes that our Declaration of Independence places the real worth of an individual as a gift of God, rather than what individuals have made themselves. Our Creator has endowed people with innate worth. What if we could identify those special qualities in people and then provide an opportunity to appreciate  (develop a greater value) themselves?  Author Greg Ogden writes, “A servant leader finds joy in empowering and equipping others so they can experience the fulfillment of their God – given contribution.” To those who think that motives originating from giving sound foolish, perhaps they don’t understand it because their own motives don’t come from giving.

Wow!  These principle go hand in hand with the ones in the book I mentioned to start.  In analyzing what brings the most joy and feeling of accomplishment , success, to a person I realized it truly is from giving and helping others.  When I have had an isolated victory, not part of a team, it is a short lived, lonely victory.  However, the experience of a team victory, several people working and running to hit an important goal, that is exhilarating and builds many fond memories.  Why is the team victory so much more uplifting?  For me it is because I am able to contribute to the well being on someone else.  As I read the book The Serving Leader the characters in the book felt the same way.  They choose to do the hard work for a bigger cause.  They choose to develop teams because they knew to be truly successful it would take many working together.  They were humble leaders who focused on each others strengths and would give away recognition without feeling as less of a participant.  Through encouragement many people will rise up and do more, become more productive.  I am grateful to work with George, who continually does this.  He sets a bar to shoot for and encourages us along the way knowing it is possible for us to achieve more than we know or believe at that time.

I pray you are able to belong to a special group that lifts others up and fights the daily battles with you to make a difference in our world.

God Bless,  Renee


About Renee Oettinger

Business owner, LIFE member, Christian, wife, mother. My prayer is that you pursue your purpose with passion, feel peace in knowing you were created uniquely, and discover the joy of serving others.
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9 Responses to The Serving Leader

  1. Michelle Wanta says:

    Great job Renee!! I too have found that giving is far better than receiving. You and George are truly the epitome of servant leaders and I appreciate your leadership and support so much!!

  2. Dwight Tamanaha says:

    Renee, after reading your blog I think of the daily tasks of a leader becoming is to be fed positive information by reading, listening and associating with positive people. The more positive we are, our thinking sprouts forth positive utterances. Finding good in others and expressing appreciation for them lifts others up and enables us to be positive and encourage us.

    Be encouraging to others, we become encouraged and a whole group of people will enable a thriving existence in a positive sea of positive information.

  3. Andrea and Mike Renkas says:

    Mike and I finished reading that book not to long ago.. I love the story format and how relatable the character were for us. I love that LIFE teaches and encourages us to lead with servant hearts.. to uplift others and encourage people is one of the most satisfying things I feel like I can do for people. Positivity and building relationships through servant leadership will take anyone with a passion and a huge heart a long way in whatever they do..
    Drea Renkas

  4. Tom and Liz Moris says:

    The relationships that we have made in the Life business have been extremely rewarding.. They are relationships that are from the heart with no pretenses and the uplifting and encouragement we receive is food for the soul. Thank you Renee for being one of those special relationships we have!

    God Bless,

    Tom and Liz

  5. kurtandjoanne says:

    Renee- thank you for the insights in this blog. Great books and we are so blessed to be experience the servant leadership of both yourself and George and the entire LIFE community. We truly have the environment that lifts others up and helps in the daily struggles of life.

  6. Lisa Mangold says:

    I received the book “Serving Leader” in my LIFE subscription not too long ago and could not put it down. This story clearly showed the value of leadership development and the difference it can make in communities, especially when leaders work together toward a common vision. It’s great when a book informs us of great ideas but even greater when we incorporate those ideas into our own lives to make a difference! Thanks Renee – for being a living example of leading communities of people toward a common vision.


  7. Jeff Otto says:

    Awesome post Renee! I’m in the middle of reading The Serving Leader, and what a book! The part that really stood out to me was the trailblazing model. When working with Big Brothers and Big Sisters they said that the best way to change someone’s life is to have them participate in the process. For example, if you were working with the poor to build a house, have them be part of the process. This is what I love about LIFE and mentors such as George and yourself. You have guided us to the information and helped course correct, but the journey is ours, the struggles, but most of all the incredible victorys. God has blessed Cathy and my life with awesome leaders like George and yourself.
    God Bless.

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