Living on Purpose is the Path to Peace

Recently I  had the privilege of meeting with a small group of people, watch a short video on purpose and then discuss purpose directed questions.  IT WAS AMAZING!   All knew the importance of purpose however there seemed to be confusion or maybe frustration on how to figure out your purpose.  Orrin Woodward in his book “Resolved:  13 Resolutions for LIFE” has the first chapter on purpose because if its importance in our lives.  Purpose is the foundation upon which we build our life.  It is what gives our lives meaning.  We need to ask ourselves why we were created, why we are here on earth.  I know I was created and given resources for a reason greater than myself, to serve God.  Knowing our purpose helps us to determine our priorities, where we should be focusing our time and effort.  Most importantly, in trying to discover our purpose, is to know that it cannot be self-centered.  Our purpose is bigger than us, than our family, than our career.  It is given to us by our creator as part of his plan.  Know that your are worthy.  That great things are in store if you pursue and have faith in things bigger than us.  To be hopeful we must have meaning; and to have meaning requires living on purpose.  Living your live on purpose brings joy and peace, knowing you are doing what you are created to do.  Read the Resolved book by Orrin Woodward and maybe the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  Ask yourself “What am I passionate about?”  Life is not meant to be an aimless distraction taken you from here to there and nowhere.   I am so blessed to be associated with TEAM Leadership and know it has been through this vehicle I have discovered  my purpose. I encourage to dive into good information to help you discover your purpose.  Be an example by living on purpose.  God Bless


About Renee Oettinger

Business owner, LIFE member, Christian, wife, mother. My prayer is that you pursue your purpose with passion, feel peace in knowing you were created uniquely, and discover the joy of serving others.
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15 Responses to Living on Purpose is the Path to Peace

  1. Fantastic post Renee! The Purpose Driven Life was the first book I ever read on faith and purpose. It actually inspired me to read the Bible. I have found that once God reveals to us our purpose, it’s hard to ever turn back to a life that wasn’t purposeful. Thanks for being the example of a purpose centered life!

  2. Chris Brady says:

    Great post, Renee! So many nuggets there about finding your purpose and living it!

  3. Laurie Tallio says:

    Renee, I have loved seeing how people have become so engaged with the challenge group questions. Cynthia Kearsey’s book Unstoppable was the first book I read that helped me understand that I wasn’t a teacher so much as someone with a God given purpose who was designed to encourage, uplift and edify …

  4. Carla Girard says:

    Great post, Renee. I really never understood the importance of purpose until I read Orrin’s book and became involved with LIFE. Thanks for breaking it down so well!

  5. Jeremy Pethke says:

    Hey Renee,
    I love your blog post! This is why you are the leader that you are! You have such vision and purpose. I feel so fortunate to be involved with you in the fight for this nation’s true Christian based principles to be brought back into the homes! Renee with your vision you have helped give so many people hope in their lives again! That is an attribute that is greatly lacking in today’s society and through your leadership as well as the PC and other Round-Table members, we are turning that tide! I have discovered my God given purpose through the LIFE and TEAM materials. I discovered how truly blessed I am and feel that God called me to become a blessing to many others! One Million Families is only the beginning! God Bless!

  6. Thanks Renee for a great post…appreciate all you do for us!

    • Eric, if it was not for you and Renee many people would not know truth vs allowing failure and blame. Thanks for all you do!

    • Eric, we are so blessed to have you and Renee showing truth vs failure and blame. Thanks for all you have done!

    • Patrick Pflederer says:

      Eric, I agree it is a great post. Teresa and I know now that our purpose is to bring truth to people and this business is the best way we have found to share the truth.

      Thank-You to both you and Renee for your encouragement.

    • Nic Manogue says:

      Renee…thank you for the great post. I am very fortunate to have had several short conversations with you over my two years in leadership development. Every time I walk away feeling so blessed, as you are such a focused and caring listener/leader. Thanks for helping to provide the opportunity to so many men and women the ability to detect their God given purpose. God Bless!

    • Tim Samuels says:

      Eric, You and Renee have been such great influences in mine and Jennifer life, we could never say thank you enough.

  7. robert wilcox says:

    Renee thanks for sharing some great information! When talking about Purpose i immediately think of the LLR book by Orrin and Chris … some amazing information and how profound it can be in our lives if we simply ask this question. “What is our Purpose” once we answer this question and base our decisions on our Purpose this becomes the best form of Hunger possible! As you said also we believe we are here for a purpose and that I truly believe a God given Purpose something bigger than us and he puts us on a path that will honor and glorify Him! Thanks for sharing your insight!

    Rob wilcox

  8. Jake Nelson says:

    Renee, thanks for being the example for us and many others to go out and find our god given purpose! After reading Resolved it is clear that finding your purpose is key to begining your success journey in all areas of Life. Thanks!!

  9. Heather Williams says:

    Renee, you are so inspiring!

  10. Dorly Dahlke says:

    Thanks Renee, you are a true example to so many of us! I especially appreciate your gentleness and grace in certain areas but yet your toughness and tenacity in others!

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