We choose our LIFE

What a great LIFE! Maybe not what I thought every day when things seemed to be out of control and I felt I didn’t have many choices but that is less often now.  Thanks to Orrin Woodward and the team of leaders he is partnered with along with the leadership system they have developed, I feel much more in control of the things happening around me because I control me and my response. I’ve had the privilege to learn about myself, my attitude and how I look at things happening in my world which has helped tremendously.  We have heard that some people look at LIFE through the perspective of the glass half empty and some with the glass half full. How do we choose?  Frequently it is from what we saw modeled in our life, how others around us acted or maybe how we are wired.   What I have learned is that however we arrived at that view, we do have the ability to change, to choose a different view.  How and when?   We choose when we decide we want our LIFE do be different, to have different results. Once we decide we want things to be  different, we are then open to information that can help us change our thinking, changed thinking leads to changed actions to different results.  How much better would your day go if you knew, and believed, that you are not a victim of the actions of others or the circumstances you are in? Instead,  you are the driver and with the right information, road map, you can have the LIFE you dream of.  I have been blessed to see this happen in the lives of many.  They learned new information, made more informed decisions, took action and saw more prosperous results.  The choice to have a different attitude and learning how you can do that, will bring some of the quickest changes for better results in your LIFE.   George and Jill Guzzardo have been fantastic role models for me in this are of my life, leading me to the truthful information to help me learn and grow. I encourage you to dive into learning and the LIFE learning system has been a vehicle for many.  Choose to have a great day,  Renee


About Renee Oettinger

Business owner, LIFE member, Christian, wife, mother. My prayer is that you pursue your purpose with passion, feel peace in knowing you were created uniquely, and discover the joy of serving others.
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One Response to We choose our LIFE

  1. Matt Mielke says:

    Great to read part of your story Renee. On to 1 million. Thanks for your servants heart and incredible role modeling. We are proud to be running and serving the team and in LIFE. God Bless


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